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Tough Crowd


I. Don't. Trust. Mascots.

I’d say we all try and do our part to eliminate crime in our respective cities. The usual: neighborhood watches, citizen arrests, posing as a cop for a day (oh, wait).

It sounds like bus driver Shawn Brim is taking his duties quite literally. In the middle of his metro route, he pulled his bus over, got out and punched a police officer who was dressed as McGruff the crime dog. 

Brim stated he thought it would be funny to attempt to take a bite out of crime (McGruff’s famous phrase which I could’ve sworn died with the 80s). After slugging the officer/crime dog in the jaw, Brim allegedly looked around and yelled “Get it?!? See what I did there?”

A spokeswoman for the Metro answered that later in a statement by saying, “Nobody here finds it funny, believe me.”

Brim’s employment with the Metro is currently under review.


Is this thing on?


Listening to: The weather change cause dramatic increase in office hub bub.

On my mind: Do we think it’s rude to listen to your ipod at work? Thoughts?

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  1. 03-05-09 10:05 am

    i don’t think it’s rude to listen to your IPod at work. as long as it’s not interferring with your work. to me, it’s the same as someone having a radio on low volume in the office but this way no one else has to listen to your music. so, actually, i think it’s it’s considerate. i usually just keep one ear piece in instead of both of them so i can hear people approach my desk or ask me questions. some offices don’t like it or have a policy against it but my office is fine with it. i feel it actually energizes and motivates me – the music gets me movin’! but i will say it’s hard not to sing out loud sometimes or get up and dance around. 🙂

  2. Avid iPod(er) permalink
    03-05-09 10:11 am

    I listen to my iPod and work and it is the best thing in the world. Nobody ever explicitly gave me permission, but since folks here listen to their radios at their desk…why not. I can still here my phone ring and it drowns out all of the other office bs I hate to hear.

  3. Vicky permalink
    03-06-09 2:40 pm

    Since the age of 15, I’ve always listened to music at work. Mostly with headphones. I find that I’m more productive and in a better mood. Plus it makes the day go by faster. As long as you’re not bothering anyone around you, go for it. One small note. Those iPod headphones are awful. If you use those white ones that come with the iPod, get rid of them. Everyone can hear your music! I sit on the Metra everyday and there’s always someone around me with those damn headphones! It’s the worst when I’m trying to read.

  4. Kim permalink
    04-22-09 6:02 pm

    I always listen to my ipod at work. totally agree with Vicky – it makes the day go by faster and its funner (apparently this is not a word) too.

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