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Even I Do My Job Better Than That


7 South Side Chicago cops really dropped the ball yesterday.

A 14 year old managed to impersonate an officer from 1:30pm-7:30pm just by wearing a police uniform. Correct me if I’m wrong but that doesn’t exactly make me feel safe on Chicago streets.

Not only did he get issued a police radio, but he rode in a patrol car and assisted an arrest. Ok come on. Isn’t anyone like, “Hey…uhh Jenkins, you see the new guy? Looks kinda young.”  or something crazy like “Do you have a police badge?”. Sounds like the front desk person at this south side station hates their job more than I do “Come on in…here’s your radio, gun, and beat stick.” I mean, unless he was wearing these glasses, there’s no excuse for letting a 14 year old fly under the radar as an adult.

Lock it up, Chicago 5-0. Lock it up.

Carl Winslow would NEVER let this happen,


Listening to: Someone bless themselves when they sneezed. Woops.

On my mind: Its time to blow this popsickle stand. Mmm popsickles. see why I don’t get things done?!

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  1. 03-04-09 5:53 pm

    This story completely baffles me. I’ve been listening to the various reports on it on WGN and don’t understand how a kid could trick that many people for that long.

    I guess one of the cops said he looked older…lol…uh ok.

    I wish I had something more witty to say but my shame as a Chicago/IL resident is constantly reaching new lows.

    At least I can still believe in Kyle Orton. God bless him.

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