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Sandra Bullock from ‘The Net’ Called…


…she wants her hangout back.

Pop in, check out the world wide web.

Step 1. Snap into a Slim Jim. Step 2. check out the world wide web.

Ten bucks they have dial up connection. I’m definitely finding out on my next lunch break.


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  1. Vishnu/liberacesequence permalink
    03-05-09 2:09 pm

    Word up,
    I saw The Net a couple months ago on vhs. It’s 90′ enough, but it has nowhere near the 90’s-ness of Hackers. If you haven’t seen that, rent that sh*t!!!! I think it might on On Demand. Angelia Jolie plays this bad ass hacker chic…ooh la la!

  2. Cheryl permalink
    03-05-09 4:57 pm

    I remember watching that movie and thinking “no way” and it still amazes me that people could now live their lives like sandra on the net. “…really?….do everything?…everything…by the internet…order a pizza, buy groceries?….really?” Then I say to myself…”Yes, it’s true. It’s 2009. Get over it.” Weird

  3. Robert Corona permalink
    03-11-09 1:33 pm

    Wow, This picture you took is really close to my work. It’s like 3 blocks away. Oh, by the way that internet connection you where talking about is not dial up last time I checked but, it wasn’t all that great when I tried it.

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