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YOU DECIDE: Fievel Edition


I just froze mid-sentence because I heard a pan flute rendition of “Somewhere out There” coming from down the hall.

Am I going crazy or is this place becoming more magical? YOU DECIDE.

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  1. Mlongo permalink
    03-06-09 2:26 pm

    It’s definitely getting more magical. I used to love that movie as a young lady. I’m so glad you and me are children of the 80s. I so much enjoy all your TGIF references. Just about as much as I’ve enjoyed the homage to great 80s flicks that 30Rock have humored me with these past weeks. First Teen Witch and then just last night Harry and the Hendersons!? I mean, come on, did they just take those straight off my facebook profile of favorite movies?

  2. 03-10-09 7:17 am

    WooooW thats funny…..

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