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Put Down Your Oatmeal


…because this story is gag-reflex inducing…yet economically inspirational.

Every day, stories fly across my news desk of ways people are cutting costs and tightening their budgets.

A Romanian woman named Ioana just blew them all out of the water.

Ms. Ioana Cioanca, from Bristrita Nasaud, makes her own clothes. From her own hair. I wish I was kidding.

Pictured hair, err here, wearing a hairvest.

Pictured hair, err here, wearing a hairvest.

 Having grown her hair out since the age of 16 (she is now 71), her 40 inches of hair provided the materials for NINE pieces of clothing. Notable pieces include: a hat (Hair hat? Redundant maybe?), a raincoat (isn’t a raincoat by definition water repellant?) and a blouse (no,no thats not chest hair its my shirt).

The grossest bit of info is that some of the pieces are lighter in color from when her hair started to turn gray. She insists that her clothes are comfortable and warm–well duh, Ioana, how do you think bears and cavemen fought the cold?

Back to basics,


Listening to: Myself greeted with, “Good morning sparky” in the kitchen. I don’t even notice these things anymore. 

 On my mind: I wanna move somewhere with a yard and turn into Wilson from Home Improvement and only let my neighbors see my eyes. Mysterious= sexy, right?

**Special Thanks to Bridgey for this hot/disgusting tip

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