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Calling all feminists: robbing banks is not just for guys anymore.

According to FBI crime statistics, the number of women who attempt bank heists has risen 25 % since 2002. High fives all around, ladies! You know what this means: bank robbery is now an ‘equal opportunity crime’. First we can vote and now this! What a proud moment for us all. Kinda makes me wanna burn my bra and birth a child. Ya know, women stuff.

The hands down best part about this whole article is, of course, the CNN headline:

Women rob banks for diapers, not crack

3 men and a little lady,


Listening to: A lively discussion on summer sausage.

On my mind:  I could really go for some puppy chow right about now. (rhyme unintended but noted)

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  1. 02-20-09 12:08 pm

    the funk soul brotha (it’s related to the post)

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