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No Escape


Well horror upon horrors happened again and per usual the scene of the crime was the women’s loo (everything sounds better Brittish, yes?).

The notorious bathroom talker was two stalls away and true to form, started to make chit chat. The amount of panic and discomfort I experience each time she does this never lessens but this one may have topped them all. It was short, swift and brutal:

“Looks like we got new toilet paper…

…it’s scratchy”

My mind was screaming, “NOnononononononononoohfricknonooooooo!” But instead I blurted a response that made me sort of hate myself a little.

“…well they had to cut back somewhere…a-hehe…”

and scene.

Well, bathroomcreepytalker, you’ve outdone yourself. Congratulations.

Stay tuned. I’m almost certain this isn’t the last we’ll hear from her.



Listening to: Two guys discussing their divorce settlements. Cheery stuff.

On My Mind: “All Dogs Go to Heaven” was scary cuz that crazy dog just wouldn’t listen to the angel!

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  1. Adrienne permalink
    02-19-09 1:43 pm

    girl. you crack me up, you dirty wanker you. my favorite part of your blogs…listening to and on my mind. not to mention the fact that you took one of my favorite character names of all time and created a website. well done my lady. well done. :>

  2. Ben permalink
    02-20-09 11:15 am

    Some of my coworkers are older gentlemen who apparently have prostate issues. Neighboring urinals are never pleasant, but they’re even worse when the guy next to you is having flow problems, combined with the too-loud-to-ignore dribbling sound of pee-hitting-the-floor due to said flow problems.

    Men’s restrooms are always an adventure, no matter where you are.

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