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Game Killa

Image: "No kissing" sign

weird. my parents put this same sign in our basement during high school.

Thanks for nothing, English Train Stations.

A new policy was just enforced at a rail station in northern England that forbids passengers from getting to 1st base. Seriously. Dubbed the “Anti-7 minutes in heaven” policy, this new rule restricts departing passengers from necking in the car as they get dropped off to board the train.  Apparently its an attempt to clear traffic and keep trains on time. They are also hoping that frisky passengers will now pay to park in order to say their goodbyes. Um you know the economy has gone to hell when you have to pay to kiss your husband. Love tax…I never saw THAT coming.

Even worse, what lowly employee is gonna get the job of enforcing this rule? Talk about a bad gig. I want him to wear a picture of a heart with a giant X on his ID badge and go around pounding on windows saying things like “Hey! What’s love got to do with it?” or “Hand check!” or “Save kissy kissy for later!” He’ll be employee of the month in no time.

maybe she’s born with it,


Listening to: The phone ring. ughhhhh

On my mind: me want honeycomb

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  1. 02-17-09 11:30 am

    GAME KILLA!! “Lauren, get organized.”

    Nashville misses you. Trust me, he told me this morning.

    (Why is Nashville a he? Yeah, I don’t know.)

    Listening to: My heart cry for my friends to be here.

    On my mind: The text you sent me while we were sitting at Bosco’s. Did I ever establish how hilarious that was? Cause it was.

  2. WildThang permalink
    02-17-09 4:37 pm

    Well not like I was getting any at the train stop anyways… but sure glad I don’t live in London. Stop going out of town and not updating your blog! I need it.


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