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Bad for the Ego, Good for the Wallet


This story hails from the durrty south. Well…south beach technically. Which is just as durrty as the durrty south if not durrtier.

My older sister Meredith lives there and often texts me with stories from the crazy nightlife. The text I got from her yesterday in particular struck a chord.

“Umm last night I pulled a $100 out of my bag and offered it to the guy next to me to please kindly walk away. Who am I?”

i know he's holding 50s but... just look at him

To her question I would answer, “you are my next brilliant idea”. I realize I  have been handling this whole season the wrong way entirely. While I’ve been “working” and “saving” and “pickpocketing” I couldve simply been harassing rich men to the point that they offer me money to leave them alone. Bad for the self esteem, but great for the piggy bank. I’ll give it a spin this weekend and report back. And don’t look at me like that, my self respect went out the window months ago.

I love jesus but I drink a little,


Listening to: One broker describe divorce as “double the fun”. I have no idea how that works.

On my mind: If our rental car doesn’t have cruise control its gonna be a loooong 7 hrs.

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