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Recession Trendspotting


Apparantly beards are back. I’m not sure where they went or what happened to them, but MSNBC is linking their reappearance to the current state of the economy. From the blistery weather (beard=scarf) to the miserable job market (5 o’clock shadow no longer an issue), these days men are bonding and expressing themselves through facial hair growth. 

I’m still waiting for the day when not shaving your legs in the winter is finally recognized as a trend. I’m just sayin’.

Buzz your girlfriend–woof,


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  1. 02-10-09 9:45 am

    home alone. +1.

    (slam picture back into trunk full of firecrackers and other teenage paraphernalia)

    facial hair february? forget it.

    no shave no november? no.

    it’s all a ruse – gillette is NOT the best a man can get. prideful clowns!

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