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Not Embarassing At All


So I had a feeling this would happen to me. I had to send a fax (i know, right?) to this bridal shop yesterday to order a bridesmade dress for one of my bestie’s weddings this summer. On it I had to include all of my measurements and of course credit card info. Well, since I no longer have a fax machine in my bedroom, I had to send it from work. Cue: worst nightmare. I sent it at approx 5:30 and needed to be somewhere at 6. I waited. and waited and waited for the machine to print out a sent confirmation (which happens to reprint the original fax at the bottom). While this isnt the end of the world, this fax included way more info than I ever want these peeps to know. I really might as well have left some baby pictures and my jr high retainer next to the fax machine. Sure enough it never came and I had to leave. All night I’m envisioning the brokers getting into work early and guffawing at my fax and/or stealing my identity. When I got into work this morn, there it was in a blaze of shame/glory sitting atop the fax machine for all to see.  Next up, I’m going to scan pages of my diary and accidentally send copies to the entire office.



Listening to: Someone say “I make business, casual.” Good slogan, douche.

On my mind: The word ‘wasps’ is supremely fun to say. say it.

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