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I often think about what offices and businesses were like back before the internet and email. Communication was so much slower, business tools were less advanced and most importantly, the slacking off options were way limited. Is that why the water cooler used to be so cool? (pun intended) How did anyone pass the time? Well I know one thing for sure, they didn’t have to face a mild panic attack when they received an email forward from their office manager entitled “Hand Jobs–Not What You are Thinking“.

I must’ve stared at the email for a good 2 minutes before opening it. And when I did I about lost it. This is what I saw:

I mean. Really, office manager?!?!? REALLY? You couldn’t have changed the subject to “hand art” or “giant waste of time” ? The artist’s name is Guido Daniele and this takes him over 10 hours to complete. Dang. I gotta hand it him, (Im so sorry for that) he’s def got some talent.



Listening to: “How are you, missy?”. This sweet woman constantly calls me missy. Feels rather proper if you ask me.

On my mind: Meatball Sub from Subway… “how early is too early?” asked my friend Pete this morning at 10:30 AM. I said, “You know the answer, Pete. It’s never too early for a meatball sub.”

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