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Anna Monopeea: The No Introduction Necessary Introduction


This is a groundbreaking moment for Bob Loblaw’s Job Blog. I hereby formally introduce our very first correspondent, Anna Monopeea. Her detective work gives Angela Landsbury a run for her money, makes Matlock cry, brings shame to Ghostwriter and puts Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson in a half nelson (or would that be full cuz there are two of them? hmmm.)

 Anna will be popping in on the weekends with news, commentary and insight from the streets (don’t know what “from the streets” really means but it sounds raw, right?)

So stay tuned tomorrow morning for the first edition of Anna Monopeea’s musings. Good luck…err…I mean enjoy 🙂


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  1. 02-06-09 8:37 pm

    positive post!

    murder, she wrote! murder was the case that they gave me. matlock is a bad mamma jamma! i always wanted matlock and angela lansbury to get married. well, not always. ok, i never thought of it until now, but it’d be cool, wouldn’t it?

    and, wait a minute! ghostwriter? the show with the kids who had the ouija-like computer that would talk with them through typing? same show? please! YES!

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