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Craig’s List: It’s Not Just for Not Finding Jobs Anymore


not to be trusted.

As many of you know, I had a dramatic moment yesterday morning on my commute into downtown. I fainted on the el. Yep, fainted. I think it was a combination of being overheated, low on oxygen, motion sickness and low blood sugar. See? Who needs health insurance. Well the reason I’m oversharing all of this is because there were two heroes in this scenario who deserve a shout out. The two guys on either side of me not only caught me when I slumped over, but helped me get a seat and then get off at my stop. Two shining angels, I tell ya. But because I was so out of it, all I could stammer was “t-thank you” weakly as I stumbled off of the train.

So when I finally got into work I decided I needed to find them (no, not because one of them was really cute and could turn out to be my future husband and how cute of a story would that be?!?!?) so I could thank them for their help. Fulms suggested Craig’s List “missed connections”.  I was wary of this but thought I’d give it a shot. The problem is, its mostly freaks that post on there.  A few headline examples: “Person who broke my heart/Chicago Pigeon Killer” , “lumberjack woman seeking picnic table man” or the ever-so-subtle “thinking about you gets in the way of my studying”. I hesitated but decided to post something just in case one of the dudes happened to read it. My headline was “TO THE GUYS WHO HELPED ME WHEN I PASSED OUT ON THE BROWN LINE!”. I didnt really expect to hear anything, but then I got a few emails. ALL FRAUDS! Some of them were like “yo, you shouldn’t do that” or “how you feelin’ ?” and one guy tried to pretend to be the one who caught me! I asked him to describe the situation and he wrote “It happened so fast, you were on the floor so we picked you up and walked you to work”. EH wrong.

So, the lesson in all of this? Don’t trust Craigs List, don’t let your blood sugar level drop unexpectantly on public transpo, and always ALWAYS carry a capri sun in your purse in case of emergency.

Good day,


Listening to:  My cubemate mumble, “I love money”

On my mind:  Last night on Real World (u can watch whatever you want when you’re sick, ok?) this one guy says his dream is to host TRL someday. So he goes to MTV studios in NYC and asks the guard how he can be in the audience and the guard tells him TRL has been cancelled. Ha he was SO sad “How am I supposed to host a show that no longer exists?”. Tough break, man.

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