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not your typical cube

A few weeks ago a friend sent me this link for “The Best Job in the World“. The $96,000/yr salary plus the title of ‘Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef’ sounded too good to be true. In order to be considered for the job, applicants had to send in a video describing why they are qualified. So far, according to MSNBC, they have received over 11,000 video applications including one from…Osama Bin Laden? Some prankster sent in a poorly dubbed video posing as Osama.  Now besides the obvious inappropriateness, it is actually pretty funny. The video has Osama pleading his case saying he is “outgoing,” “familiar with sandy areas” and experienced with “large scale event coordination.”

Come on, Australia, get a sense of humor. The creativity of this application alone should warrant at least a phone interview.

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