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What Next?!?!


Well its official folks, we’re in troubs. We knew things weren’t going well with the countless layoffs and growing national debt, but nothing has alarmed me more than hearing that CELEBRITIES are starting to suffer.

gone are the days.

Its true. Horrifying but true. According to MSNBC, celebs are starting to make cut backs in light of the recession. Nothing rocks my equilibrium more than hearing that America Ferrera had to sell one of her houses. (Tragic!) And Eva Longoria was spotted wearing the same jeans twice in one week. (I’m feeling dizzy). What’s even worse? Miley Cyrus has been shopping in the SALES RACKS (I can’t breathe). They also reported that Brit is now driving a Mitsubishi but that doesnt surprise me.

What’s next?! Are the Jonas Brother’s going to have to auction off their vest collection? Will Ryan Seacrest be forced to cut his unlimited tanning budget? Will Tom Cruise have to <gasp> pay taxes??

I’m appauled and I know you all are too. I’m sorry to bring you this sort of disturbing news so early in the morning. In a world where the only thing we can count on is the overindulgence of celebrities, this is indeed a hard pill to swallow.

livin’ on the edge,


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On My Mind:If I wore a monocle and a pocketwatch I bet I’d be taken more seriously. I’d also look dangerously similar to the Planter’s Peanut guy.

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  1. Promise permalink
    02-04-09 3:08 pm

    [Just in case the link didn’t make it the first time.]
    They may just have to auction off that vest collection!

    Report: Disney Mulls Layoff of ‘Least Cute’ of Jonas Brothers

    Isn’t that sad???

  2. rushbomb permalink*
    02-04-09 5:13 pm

    hahah i saw that and for a second thought it was real. poor little jobros!

  3. Mlongo permalink
    02-05-09 9:41 am

    Thanks for the Guffman shoutout Rausch. I look forward to your morning blogs always. I never miss them. Heart you.

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