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Have you ever been working (playing on the Internet) so hard that you never really took the chance to look in the mirror until the day’s almost over and then when you finally do you realize you look totally busted?

Well that just happened to me. In the bathroom. I walked in and upon seeing myself was so shocked at the haggard reflection that I muttered “Aw hell” aloud. I immediately froze hoping no one was in there but of course, there was some scuffling and I knew I was not alone. In an attempt to save myself from a long explanation and further humiliation, I did what i do best–ran away. Thanks for nothing, Restroom.

Locking it up,


Listening to: cold season. in surround sound.

On my mind: I really love canadian bacon and pineapple pizza. So sue me.

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  1. 02-04-09 2:28 am

    even “food snob” asses like me like that kind of pizza. you’re cool.

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