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Ice Cold


Cold Calling glee

There are lots of things I dislike. Onions, clowns, Keanu Reeves…you know, the usual. And then there are things that make me want to punch a kitten (sorry Lauren). Something that falls into the latter category is making phone calls to people I don’t know. In the business world they call this cold calling. In my world I call it absolute hell. In fact, if the only job left on the planet involved cold calling I’d probably count my losses and jump off of a cliff. Its that serious.

I’ve fortunately never had a temp gig that involved pure cold calling, but my blood pressure skyrocketed this morning when an email in my inbox was marked “Wednesday, 5pm–Cold Calling”. With my hands shaking I double clicked the email thinking they were gonna force the ‘ol temp to prospect business for them (they’ve made a huge mistake).  Thankfully it was not an assignment but rather an invititation to a cold calling class. I’m still untrusting. Part of me wants to go just to hear what tips they could possibly give (“Now when the secretary answers, ask for the president by his first name. This gives the impression that you are old golf buddies. She’ll put ya right through...”) but I fear theyd call on me as an example, toss me a yellow pages and watch me suffer (a nightmare I’ve had a few times). I think the most responsible thing to do is to avoid this class at all costs. Or maybe I’ll offer to be the person on the other end of the phone should they do any role playing activities.

Temp to the rescue,


Listening to: Someone clearing their throat for the 4th time. Dude, try water.

On my mind: Brought my Capri Sun on the train this morning. It wasn’t received well by the crowd.

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  1. 02-03-09 11:24 am

    One of my jobs through 33 Temps was working for this field trip place. Or that’s what my rep said. I get there, and I have to call hundreds of retirement homes across the US to try and get them to take their residents on a tour of CVS. I booked one tour.

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