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Ca$h 4 Gold 4 Hire


c4g_drawer3I got another hot tip from the streets last night that all was not lost on the job front afterall. Turns out, while GE, Boeing, Starbucks, Kodak (and your mom) are having layoffs, there’s one little company that is experiencing an upswing.

Cash4Gold, the company notorious for their Direct TV promise to take your unwanted jewelry and turn it  into cash monies (as seen here), is thriving despite the economic turmoil.

Since their foundation in 2007, Cash4Gold has grown from two employees to 350 and according to CEO Jeff Aronson, they expect to hire another 150 people this year. I guess the gold refinery business is booming and its probably time about 150 of us got on board.

I can’t help but picture Gus Chiggins ,the Old Prospector ,turning in his grave at this new fangled way to mine gold. I guess times they really are a-changin’.

 One last thing. There is a Gold Prospectors Association of America. Their front page pictures flames and the words “GOLD FEVER”. Congratulations, America, you’ve outdone yourself again.

Thinking if I have any unwanted gold bricks around the house,


Listening to: Someone crunching on something. Sounds delicious.

On my mind: It really offends me when someone comes into the elevator lobby and re-presses the button. I did a fine job of pressing it the first time thankyouverymuch.

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  1. 01-30-09 2:12 pm

    word on the street is that mcdonald’s is on the up and up too. maybe i’ll apply….

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