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My sister sent me Empty Bottle’s concert calendar email yesterday and my eye was immediately drawn to two band names that couldn’t be more perfect for me, should I ever start that garage/screamo band I’ve been dreaming of…

SAT28 10:00pm; $8

JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound (record release) // Poor But Sexy 

//The Deccas with The Stacks // East of Edens Soul Express


FRI20 9:30pm; $6 (with flyer), $8

WLUW ‘Radio One’ showcase featuring:

Jonny Rumble (Limey Jam) // Bailiff

//Kid, You’ll Move Mountains // Pretty Good Dance Moves

If you can’t beat em, join em,


p.s. Just had an emoticon accident happen. Before I fixed it…the combo of  the number 8 plus the parenthesis had created those super cool smileys wearing shades without me realizing it. haha I caught it in time but here’s a taste of what you almost got: 8)

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