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phone rings

Me: This is Lyndsay

Phone: Hi Lyndsay it’s___, Is Mark in the office?

Me: Oh no, he’s actually in Dubai traveling.

Phone: Ok, so you havent seen him today?

Me: No, because he is in the middle east. Out of the country…

Phone: Right…just seeing if he’d been around the office.

Me: Nope. But that is because he is not within the U.S. border.

Phone: Ok then thanks for your help!


Happy Kansas Day,


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  1. Derek Z permalink
    01-29-09 6:40 pm

    Your blog is full of witty material. Found it through Brazen-careerist.

  2. 01-30-09 12:59 am

    Hilarious site! I found it through that MSN article about 20-somethings 11.2% unemployment rate last week or so.

    Alas I toil my days away in an cubicle and am glad for the warm humor your observations provide through the harsh soul-crushing light of the office florescent lighting.

    And I’m from Chicago!

    Because even tho I kind of hate my job at least the pay is mediocre! 😉

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