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Girls Gone Bankrupt


From this...

With March fast on our heels, now might be an appropriate time to start planning your spring break. Oh wait.  We’re adults and we’re all at risk of losing our jobs (or never finding another). Looks like spring break this year will be less tequila poppers and bad decisions and more Corn Nuts and sobbing in the fetal position. And now, girls with low self esteem everywhere will be forced to keep their tops on. What’s this world coming to?

…to this.

The worst of all scenarios for spring break are company’s new “forced, unpaid time off” policies. A few of my friends have fallen prey to this and let me tell you–it’s not exactly a trip to the beach. Sitting at home on your couch knowing that your next paycheck will be halved is not my idea of a foam party.


But hey, chin up people, all hope for a spring break is not lost–we can still do what we’ve always been taught to do: just charge it.

coconut dreams and guacamole wishes,


On My Mind: If I had an apron, I’d cook more.

Listening to: Crickets. My cubemate is out of town and the silence is deafening. Still better than listening to Hoobastank.

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