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It’s Cool to Quit Your Job


Man, it seems like the thing to do this morning. I just heard of two sad stories of resignation.

#1– John Coleman quit the Cleveland Firefighters Memorial Pipes & Drums after they suspended him for nodding at President Obama during the inaugural parade. According to Johnny, “Contact was made with our eyes both together and he smiled and waved at the band…And just as a gesture, I nodded my head. I gave him a slight wave and went on.”  Chris that you?

As far as the band manager is concerned, this defies military protocol. But come ON. Didn’t you hear him? Contact was made with their eyes BOTH together! Who could resist that?? We could use a little more magic in the military and he looks like JUST the man to do it.

#2- Looks like this town is down one hooker/exotic dancer/musical theater actress/magician’s assistant. Yesterday walking back from the el we found a full wig trampled on the ground next to a bag of cheet-ohs. I’m no expert but this looked like a cigarette break gone bad. I’m guessing she never went back to work….at least I know I never work a shift without my wig securely in place.

K.I.S.S….hurts my feelings every time,


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