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Tryin New Things


See full size imageLet’s put my recent attempt at bathroom convo in the “failure” column.

Just now in an effort to avoid small talk, I said “Well hellooooooo” upon entering the bathroom and seeing someone at the sink. I really stretched the “oooo” out too. All the way until I reached the stall. And in an accidentally Brittish accent. It was 79% Mrs. Doubtfire and 21% Mrs Featherbottom. Either way it was 100% ill received by the person washing their hands.

Hey, at least I didn’t walk by in silence, right? That would’ve been worse….right? Aw crap.

reaching new lows all day every day,


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  1. Alice permalink
    01-26-09 4:42 pm

    You made me burst out laughing at my reception job for a holding company. Which was the highlight of mindnumbing hour #8.

  2. Sarah permalink
    01-28-09 3:23 pm

    You shoulda topped it off with “Whooooo wants a banger in the mouth?” since it clearly couldn’t have gone any worse.

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