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Snuggie: An Underdog Story


sexy can i?

Looks like the Snuggie is having the best week ever.  According to Ad Age, over 4 million units have been sold in the past 3 months–making Snuggie one of the few products projecting profitability this year.

How is the Snuggie surviving in this frigid economic climate, you ask? In addition to the fact that you can get two Snuggies and two book lights for 19.95 (a freaking steal if you ask me), the product has established a dedicated cult following. Not only is there a facebook group dedicated to the Snuggie, but a fan-made ad opens with the line, “In a godless and cold world, there is but one place to seek warmth and salvation”: the Snuggie. A bit extreme? Perhaps. Marketing genius? Definitely.

I can’t help but think of Gary Clegg in Maine who first introduced this type of product in 1998. His was called the “Slanket” and at a whopping $44.95, celebrated minimal success. Gary, wherever he is, is sitting at home in his Slanket totally pissed off every time he sees the Snuggie infomercial.

The company who invented Snuggies also markets other, surprisingly less popular products such as the ‘Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter and the Aqua Globe. If this is just a taste of their genius ideas, me, SkyMall magazines and housewives everywhere are salivating in anticipation for their next brainchild.

With Snuggies now available at Bed Bath and Beyond, Walgreens and an upcoming deal with Walmart, be prepared for a Snuggie revolution. I may or may not be wearing one right now.

Planning on inventing  the Couplet–a snuggie for two,


Listening to: An angry phone call down the hall. “Really? REALLY!!!???”

On My Mind: If Joey Gladstone can make it as a comedian, anyone can.

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  1. 01-26-09 10:53 am

    wow there is more than one facebook page dedicated to the snuggie! i better get mine now before they sell out! 🙂 where do you find stuff like this?

  2. 01-26-09 11:01 am

    well, after looking at their website 🙂 it would be a cost efficient way to stay wamr if you had to cut back on your heating bill.

  3. Danielle permalink
    01-27-09 10:39 am

    I had to just laugh hyterically out loud at this…especially considering I got a Snuggie for Christmas. (Like you said, 2 @ 19.95… in this recession, you can’t help but marvel at the deal like that)

  4. 03-13-09 5:35 pm

    the two best infomercial products ever have to the Snuggie and the Shamwow… i wonder if it’s possible to combine the two, and make a single, super-absorbent robe?

  5. 11-10-09 7:01 am

    Sounds like the guy at Slanket got a rough deal and he should get some Snuggie money!

  6. 02-14-10 6:25 pm

    It is 2010 and the Snuggie empire continues to expand. More details at the Snuggie Cult Following site, muhahahaha!

  7. NORA permalink
    10-22-10 4:13 pm

    does anyone know what marketing agency he used to launch this product

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