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Party like a hobo


derelicte If you haven’t been to or thrown a recession party. Its time to get down to business…orr out of business, rather.

My friends Pete and Pat (not a gay couple, or brothers surprisingly) are throwing a Pink Slip Partayyy tonight and it has all of the makings for a landmark event:

Catchy party title: Derelicte Recession Session

Slightly offensive evite content: “Come escape the misery of sub-freezing temperatures and thinning wallets by slamming some cheap beer and some cheap eats with some cheap women….errr…good friends…”

Party rules: You are required to wear at least 2 (two) pieces of hobo flair in order to get a cup for the keg…this can range from cut off gloves to trashbag tear away pants to bologna/fish hook earrings.

Regardless of how you are celebrating/mourning/panicking about this economy right now, there’s really nothing like a themed party to lift your spirits (or remind you that you’re the only one actually close to homelessness). Either way: free beer.

keepin it realz,


Listening to: A convo exchange down the hall that just ended with ” I LOVE your corduroys.” ummm what?

On my mind: Every time i see a stray black leather glove I think its part of a crime scene and I get the urge to call Horatio.


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  1. Bren permalink
    01-26-09 11:15 am

    Um, the black leather glove paranoia is my life.

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