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Go Gurl Energy Drink


I was just sitting here, not really having much work to do, when suddenly I started feeling all amped and fired up for no reason. My pulse was quickening and I was feeling the urge to start the wave or an overhead clap. Right before I was about to smash a can of Mt Dew on my forehead, I found the source of my inspiration: Queen’s “We Will Rock You” was playing softly in the cubicle next to me. Thank you cubemate for almost making me chestbump the guy walking by my desk.

Taking awkward to new heights,


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  1. Sarah permalink
    01-23-09 1:25 pm

    Old Navy Goga Go Motion

    Do it. Just do it. Free prizes for shaking your thang at Old Navy tomorrow and Sunday. I sers just got this invite on my FB account and thought of you. Walk in there with the “we will rock you” in your head and win!

    ps Gigi and Lilly Lips say hi

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