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3 Points Away from a Big Mac


bulls-018Am I mac Enough? You tell me. Last night, had the Bulls beat the Hawks while also scoring over 100 pts, we all wouldve gotten free Big Macs.

Now, at first I thought it was an impossibility. Even though I’d never even heard of the Atlanta Hawks, I knew the Bulls weren’t good when the picture of Obama on the jumbo-tron got more appluase than the starting lineup. The final score was 105-102. Those 3 points just cost me a meal, Bulls.

Truck #2 Baby.

Winning water at a sporting event is like getting a toothbrush at Halloween

Free has always been my favorite number, but now more than ever I’m obsessed with giveaways. This may explain why I screamed “I DESERVED IT!” twice when I won a free gallon of Hinckley’s water in a faux race during a time out.

Even though giving away a gallon of water hasn’t been cool since the Y2K scare, I was thrilled.

Next came the Dunkin Donuts race. It was close there for a while and I thought my cup bulls-016o coffee was gonna beat the bagel but we all got a curve ball when the donut sprinted in for first place. Dangit. Maaaybe I was a sore loser about this one.

bulls-004Finally came a contest that couldn’t have been more up my alley. I was just pissed I wasn’t asked to participate. Would I trade my dignity (singing “You Ain’t Nothin but a Hound Dog” in front of thousands) for a free meal? Why yes, yes I would.

As I exited the arena and snapped a pic in front of the Jordan statue, I looked down at my free water coupon with delight. Unfortunately that’s when I noticed it wasn’t free after all… was a <gasp> BOGO!!! As in, BuyOneGetOne. Umm hello people that’s not really a prize. I mean don’t get me wrong, BOGO’s are great but GO’s are better. Maybe Lauren needs a gallon of water…

Hoop Dreamz Can Come True,


Listening to: Someone in the office verbally go through their voicemail: “Delete”. “Skip”. “Repeat”. Seriously?

On My Mind: If playing Basketball in Jr. High is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

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  1. 01-21-09 5:26 pm

    Listening to:
    co-worker coming into workasking loudly, “is the economy fixed yet?” he got some laughs. also listening to misc music on on headphones.

    On my mind:
    when will this work day end!?!?!

  2. Lyn permalink
    01-21-09 6:21 pm

    Listening to:
    My bosses space heater which is under my desk (they put me right by the door that lets in the artic air) and the sales guys on the other side of the cubes talk only about the weather. One of them giggles like a school girl, I shake my head silently everytime he does it too. Oh the life of a temp!

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