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I’m the Scatman.


Last minute road trip to Nashville–check. Pit stop at Taco Bell–yes, please. Economic ways to stay smelling almost just sorta like nice-ish perfume:genius.


spotted at a gas station in Kentucky.

If you are one of the 5 people left in America trying to elbow your way into smelling like Liz Clairborn’s “Sunflower” or Calvin Klein’s “Eternity”, you’re in luck.  Just one quarter and you’re set for the night. Imposter perfume’s are having the best week ever.

I’m naming my next dog “Sideburns”,


Listening to: Eggs cookin’.

On my mind: We almost pulled over in Nashville, IN and called it a night. Pretty sure it wouldn’t have been the same.

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  1. 01-17-09 7:16 pm


    Love your blog so so much! Check mine out…I sent you a shout out. (Not that you need one by any means because you are going to be totally and completely famous on your own!)


  2. Lyn permalink
    01-19-09 3:34 pm

    HAHA! I’ve seen those here. One word, ghetto. My temp place smells like all those combined…no joke. I bring a good smelling candle and keep it close to try to hide the smell.

  3. 01-20-09 2:32 am

    Saw you in the MSNBC article! Maybe you’ll get a book offer!!!????

    I was in your position a year ago. GREAT job…..but it was grant funded…..and ended…..had to find something…..and it is NOT great….but pays the bills for now. Even though not using my education at all. Most of my coworkers don’t even have their bachelor’s…..I have a Master’s……I keep that to myself.

    Good luck!

  4. 01-20-09 6:02 am

    I found you through Unemploymentality. I couldn’t find an email address but I wanted to tell you about about my blog, Jobless and Less.

    It’s a blog about my experience with layoffs, unemployment and the job search, with some articles and news thrown in. Having been laid off 4 times in 8 years, it’s stuff I know all too well. Here are a couple of my favorite posts…

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