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Laugh So You Dont Cry So Your Tears Don’t Freeze


Remember Dawson? Me neither.

On this, a disgusting -17 degree morning, the song “Laugh So You Don’t Cry” came on my ipod amidst my miserable commute. It came at just the right time too, cuz I was near tears on the el as I was shoved in there between a rock and a hard place….or in this case an armpit and a construction worker.

There’s something unnatural about this cold. Just ask Lauren’s mom. In an attempt to dissuade us from taking our road trip to Nashville this evening, she reminded us of Great Grandpa Ray who lost his finger during the blizzard of ’29. “He was a real hard working man, ” she said. Ummm if Gramps was hard working and still lost his finger I’m screwed.

Here’s a link to “Laugh so You don’t Cry” by Andy Davis in case the weather,the economy or the above picture of James Van der Beak threatens to drive you over the edge.

Seacrest Out,


Listening to: Someone hacking a lung approx 4 cubes away. lovely.

On my mind: The guy in the denim jacket next to me on the el had two things I want: style and a blackberry.

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  1. 01-16-09 4:09 pm

    Ummmmm………I like your blog. Also, I like Dawson. I liked Joey kinda. But I do NOT like the cold, and feel for you on the public transportation side. My friend always reminds me it’s my ‘daily dose of humanity’. I just wish it didn’t slap you in the face with its humanity.

  2. kevin permalink
    01-16-09 4:39 pm

    I need some advice. I got a job in a bank in october in a small town (300 People) Its my first “real” job out of college. Its just not the right fit for me. Is it dumb to want to quit and move to a bigger city and find another job, if I could find one. Any comments would be helpfull.

  3. Kate permalink
    01-16-09 5:41 pm

    Saw your blog on the MSN article–you’re so famous! 🙂 LOVE the name of your blog (along with the hilarious Dawson pic). Definitely a fan of the laugh-so-you-don’t-cry philosophy these days.

  4. 01-16-09 5:47 pm

    So where are you working now? You seem to have quite an interesting blog!! I’m sitting here at work and reading your blog is quite entertaining!

  5. 405club permalink
    01-16-09 5:50 pm

    Love the idea behind the blog – I recently actually just started THE 405 CLUB with a couple buddies… $405 is the max unemployment benefit you can get here in NYC. Lovely eh? haha good stuff though — check us out.

  6. 01-16-09 6:14 pm

    Just saw your blog mentioned on MSNBC ( Very nice.

    I just graduated last month with two degrees and lots of ambition. Instead of shooting for that cozy cubicle, I’m thinking about avoiding the real world (

    Do you have RSS or iGoogle updates setup? Good luck!

  7. 01-16-09 7:19 pm

    1. andy davis rules.
    2. this blog is genius… from the arrested development referenced title, to the arbitrary points system, and all of the co-worker cover names. unfortunately and fortunately much of this reminds me on my work environment (minus the temp part).
    3. you are in my google reader and i will greatly anticipate new posts while sitting in my 3-high-back-walled cubicle that consists of 3 different shades of gray. lovely.

  8. 01-16-09 7:44 pm

    Why do you’t go for freelancing. Conact me if you need some help.

  9. 01-17-09 12:38 am

    Maybe you could teach forgotten dances:

  10. 01-20-09 3:17 pm

    LOVE andy davis. LOVE him.

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