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If at first you don’t succeed, try sabotage.


It’s really too bad that I like these people at this new temp gig.  “Crain’s Chicago” just came to our office to interview the president for their 2009 “Best Places to Work” awards and if I had it in me, I could’ve done some real damage…

You guessed it, we made the list! And who was the first face they saw?  ME.  Yes I’m manning the front desk bc the receptionist called in cold, er i mean sick. Now, to be fair, I was text messaging when he came in and I didn’t notice him waiting there. Woops so much for being the Director of First Impressions.

That one was accidental sabotage. I could see it in his eyes “This is not the best place to work in Chicago! Hmf”. But man, if I was just a little more resentful and mean spirited I could’ve destroyed this interview. (Maybe give me a few more months and I’ll be there).

I thought about a few things I could’ve done… 1. Running by the interview room sobbing hysterically. 2. Making a fake phone call and loudly exclaiming, “I HATE working here!!!” 3. Walking by the interview and quietly whispering to the Crain’s guy , “Please, please help me get out of here.” 4. Slipping him a note with his coffee that said “They won’t let me leave. I sleep in the basement.” 5.  Making out with someone in the copy room and telling him that “HR is sooo coool around here!”6. Lingering by the interview so the president has to introduce me. The kicker would be that he doesnt know my name. How’s THAT for a personal work environment. 7. Start blasting PCD’s new song from my computer: “We just kinda party around here, ya know?”

Maybe next temp job I’ll work on my hatefulness. You’re safe for now, RealEstate….well played.

Listening to: My cubemate doing a Borat impression. Yes I can still hear him from the front desk.

On My Mind: Whatever happened to Nicki and Alex from Full House? Where are they now and why doesn’t anyone care!?

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  1. Lyn permalink
    01-16-09 8:00 pm

    I just found your site today while surfing the web at my very unexciting temp job. My story is that I graduated college in Business, had a great job in Salt Lake and then got married and and moved to Kentucky for my husband to go to school. I thought the job outlook look great here (Lexington was named to be one of the best places for 20’s to find jobs) and then economy just decided to suck. I’ve read many of your articles and laugh because I feel much of the same way. Being a temp is everything but fun, but it pays the bills.

  2. Leah permalink
    01-16-09 8:03 pm

    How do you manage to get away with creating and maintaining this blog at work? I’m jealous already.

  3. Robert permalink
    01-16-09 8:25 pm

    Don’t forget, “temp” is just another word for “getting paid to use an office and look for another job.”

    Good luck out there, it’s a horrible market to be job-hunting in.

  4. 01-16-09 8:43 pm

    Corporate sabotage is my absolute favorite kind. When I quit my last job, I hated my former boss so. very. much. that I gave seriously thought to hiding raw jumbo shrimp in the air ducts of his office right before a long trip.

    Heating + decaying shrimp + closed office = WELCOME BACK!!!

  5. Teresa permalink
    01-16-09 10:11 pm

    I have to work late because two of my coworkers decided to call in “in cold, er i mean sick”, which means I will not get to see sunlight today. Oh, woe IS me.

  6. Fire permalink
    01-16-09 11:31 pm

    Dude!!!! Whatever did happen to them(nikki & alex)? Great! Now I’ll be wondering that all day!!!!!!!

  7. Jason permalink
    01-17-09 1:15 am

    Found your site today from CNN. I too am a 20 something out of work. I quit my job to deploy to Iraq with the military but instead was discharged early for medical reasons with no job to come back to (I figured the Army was pretty good job security). Love the blog and hope you find something permanent soon!

  8. Catherine Lao permalink
    01-17-09 1:16 am

    If it is any consolation, I am part of the Gen X. Recently moved from Puerto Rico to New Mexico. Was a high school teacher and currently hold two Master’s degrees. I too, have sent out over 150 resumes and I have had only two call backs, then both positions were canceled.

    Months later, ITT contacts me but I needed to pass their IQ and personality tests. The first I passed with flying colors, the second apparently not. I was not the asshole they were looking for to “up-sell” their educational philosophy. Nevertheless, we know who will be paying for that tuition hike that is coming and the money will not be seen by the educators, but certainly by upper management.

    Anyway, I do have a screening next week and if I pass, then possibly a live interview? As you are well aware, times are tough, and it is only the beginning of this economic downturn. Hang on to what you do have … for others … they have nothing.

    Human Resources from all areas are being flooded with resumes, they are overwhelmed. You and I and everyone else who are trying to “get in” to our dream position or something close, will have to ride this debacle out. Some people are not so fortunate and they are losing their homes, and many people from the middle class have already fallen into poverty.

  9. adam permalink
    01-17-09 2:39 am

    hey – i’m sitting at a fishhouse reading msnbc and now i’m on you unemployment blog. see the irony? get some ads on here, maybe get some cash rolling in, expand it, etc. One thing unemployment can do for you is spark the creative beast within.

  10. John permalink
    01-17-09 4:54 am

    I’ll assume that any posts that don’t “fit” will be lost. please confirm that via email so I won’t waste any time.

    Thank you.

  11. 01-17-09 2:41 pm

    Your blog would be a great addition to the Brazen Careerist website – I came across your blog via an article in MSN about the under 30 set finding jobs. I like what I see, so I’m adding you to my RSS feed list.

  12. 01-18-09 3:24 am

    Uh Lynds,

    Yeah I’m reading your blog on a Saturday night ‘cuz I AM employed but I STILL babysit to make ends meet. So it goes. But seriously this is funny shiz. Totally brightened my modest tiny little meager Saturday night! Nice work champ, nice work. You’re brill.

  13. 01-19-09 9:18 pm

    I caught your website being plugged through msnbc…or maybe it was cnn.
    Either way, glad I found it. I’ll be checkin’ for more entries. You seem real down to earth….and earth tends to be a crazy place sometimes. Keep writin’, I’ll keep readin’.


  14. 01-20-09 3:15 pm

    what DID happen to nicky and alex?! huh… I’m gonna need to find that out before I can focus on anything else now…

  15. Jen permalink
    01-22-09 2:22 pm

    Holy nose fountain. I still can’t breathe…

  16. rushbomb permalink*
    01-22-09 3:16 pm

    ha is that a good thing?

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