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This is for Grandpa Ray’s Lost Finger


credit to the RedEye for this great pic

Well, it may be -10 degrees, but at least with windchill it feels like -24!


My friend Kitty (yes, Kitty) sent me this priceless “overheard” moment from her office yesterday:

Man1: Why don’t we have happy hours anymore?

Man2: Because no one is happy.


Ok I know thats a little Debbie Downer for the morning, so I’ll end with a positive pessimism to lift your frozen spirits:

I may have waited 25 minutes for a train but at least when I got to the office my cubemate was blasting Nickleback.

Maybe she’s born with it,


Listening to: My boogers freeze

On my mind: Maybe I cried twice watching American Idol last night…

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  1. Teresa permalink
    01-16-09 5:47 pm

    Not gonna lie, I teared up maybe more than twice.

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