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Loo Moments



Well I think it’s safe to say that bathrooms are one of the top worst places to run into people ( just ask Sen. Larry Craig).

Whether its your waitress (“Oh hey <awkward side smile> could you bring me a refill when you get done in here? Cool. No hurry…use soap, thanks.”), or co-worker (do we talk? not talk? its so freaking quiet in here), even if you’re an expert BSer, I’d say everyone has had an awkward moment or five in the loo. 

Etiquette is vague in this dept but I’d venture to say that the less you interact, the better. Especially for men who often lack the luxury/protection of stalls. I only mention this bc I have now run into the same chic twice in the bathroom and both times we didn’t utter a word. Smart girl.

Lets face it, bathrooms are like museums: be quiet and don’t touch anything.



Listening to:  Cubemate sing “5 dollar foot looooooong”

On my mind: I don’t think I wanna live in The Spire. Looks like a death cone.

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  1. Amber Burkemper permalink
    01-15-09 6:23 pm

    Rush –

    Hilarious is all I have to say! I have added your blog to “my Favorites” to birghten up my sometimes long day.

    You should do a segment on diet coke 🙂

    Miss you~

  2. Teresa permalink
    01-16-09 5:45 pm

    It’s even worse when you walk in as someone’s washing their hands and there’s a certain odor lingering in the air… I will go out of my way to use secluded bathrooms so as to avoid any kind of akwardness.

    The end.

  3. Fire permalink
    01-16-09 11:36 pm

    five, five dollar, five dollar footlong!!!!!!!!!!! lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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