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Thank God for this Weather


Just tryin to cheer you up. Sheesh.

…I know, I know. It’s absolute misery out there. But just look at this cute winter child!

Ok but in all seriousness, if it wasnt for the hell that we Chicagoans call winter, I would have absolutely NOTHING to talk to my new co-workers about. It has already been my go-to convo TWICE today and its only 9:15 AM.

Once was in the elevator on my way up to work. Thought I was home safe with an empty, silent ride when last minute my new boss hops in. Yayyyyy. So as not to seem unfriendly, I started chattering about the horrible storm. He responded in like. Crisis: Averted. Thank you, Weather.

Next, I was goin to grab a coffee in the kitchen and someone was making oatmeal. We couldve continued on in silence but it started to feel weird so she, like a smart girl, went with the weather convo. I quipped that the high was 1 degree tomorrow and it’d give us an excuse to not do anything. Phew. We left the kitchen moments later satisfied with our chit chat and I really have this blizzard to thank for it.

Makin the most of it,


Listening to: David Archuleta’s song “Crush” on youtube on my computer. With my headphones. If they somehow get unplugged I’ll probably be asked to leave. P.s. don’t judge me.

On My Mind: Sending email blasts to the entire company is scary. A temp should not have this power.

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  1. Alice permalink
    01-14-09 9:17 pm

    Yes. The weather’s been a godsend. I’m receptionisting for right now, so idle (but speedy) chat’s necessary as people walk in. So most of it is “wow, can you believe the snow?”

  2. MLongo permalink
    01-16-09 5:42 pm

    Lynds, Sers. David Archuletta?

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