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Recycle Your Mobile

Best Disguise in the World.

Best Disguise in the World.

Ok I realize that the above pic has nothing to do with this post but I just wanted to remind everyone that it is hands down the best disguise in the world. I would posture that if I entered this office wearing that and a trenchcoat, no one would know who I was. Man I’d make the best detective.

Ok but seriously. Something I love about office environments is everyone’s desire to “give a little back”/ “do their part”. Office conservation efforts are rampant and help everyone sleep a little better at night knowing theyre donating their used ink cartridges and recycling their diet coke cans. But this one was new to me. Recycle Your Cell Phones.


So my first instinct was to laugh at this effort but as I peaked in the box (and slyly took a picture with my mobile) I was shocked to see it was full! I mean, I can’t imagine the turnover rate is very high and who knows how long this box has been here but hey…this place is doin’ their part for the environment and perhaps they won’t notice when one of those recyclable blackberry’s is missing.

Livin’ Large,


Listening to: OMG the president of this company has a British accent. I’m in heaven.

On my mind: Me. Want. Diet. Coke.

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  1. 04-14-10 12:59 am

    Wow! I am impressed by the awareness of mobile phone recycling..Thanks for the post.

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