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Day one. New office. New humans. New desk….

Looking around it all seems normal…stapler? check. Kleenex? check. Tape, pens, sticky notes? check, check and check. Giant Eminem poster? Check?


Seriously people. I cant make this stuff up. Underneath this desk next to the trash can is a giant poster of the above image. What do I do with it? I mean don’t get me wrong its a supa fly poster and everything but…what?!?!If someone pays me ten dollars I’ll hang it.

Just livin the dream,
Listening to: My new cube-mate’s jazz radio
On my mind: Why do Minnesotan’s say Duck Duck Grey Duck instead of Duck Duck Goose!?
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  1. angela permalink
    02-20-09 2:46 pm

    You are WAY too funny…. If I read this earlier and you were still at this place I would have paid you you put up the poster!!!! So funny Linds.. Missin you!

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