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Sounds like My Ex



There’s really nothing more painful than listening to someone bash on an ex girlfriend or boyfriend.  The worst part about it is that usually these people’s bitterness drives them to overshare with practically anyone who will listen.

I once overheard two women on an elevator and I had to smother my laugh because it was so ridik:

Woman1: “Well my new puppy is just eating everything in sight and totally destroying my apartment”

Woman 2: “Hmf! Sounds like my ex…”

So since then, my friends and I try and come up with great ways to follow people’s sentences with “sounds like my ex”…its sort of our version of “that’s what she said”. What better way to test this out than at my new temp job? Here are some situations where I could make everyone in the office a little bit more uncomfortable. Why work when I can practice my theatre skills?

Co-worker: Be careful of that color printer because it really doesn’t like to work.

Me: Sounds like my ex

Secretary: The best way to reach Mr Edwards is to email him. If you call him he rarely returns your calls

Me: Sounds like my ex

Aaaaaaaaaaand scene. They wont know what hit em. This bit also works while playing board games (hes such a cheater!/sounds like my ex).

bitterness is the new black,


Listening to: The crunch of my snack: Pirate’s Booty. Funny name; serious snack.

On my mind: Going ‘invisible’ on gchat is the closest thing I’ve got to being a spy.

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  1. 01-16-09 11:01 pm

    Thank you for making me laugh… Sounds like my ex… classic. Another classic: pirates booty. I can finish off a bag of those in mere minutes. mmm delicious.

  2. annette permalink
    01-17-09 1:06 am

    If you haven’t read it yet you really should read Bitter is the New Black by Jennifer Lancaster. So awesome! And I think you’ll really relate (because, you know, I don’t know you at all).

  3. Pretty Ricky permalink
    02-19-09 1:39 pm

    You are the best. Everyone of your entries has me in stitches. Sure, landing a job would be great but then I wouldn’t have the free time to read your posts.

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