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Goodnight, Freedom.


I write this post with a heavy heart on this the final day of my “vacation”. I know I should be thankful for work (and I am), but there will be many things I will miss about this luxurious time off.

Whether I’m spending my entire morning in only my underware or toting my laptop to coffee shops and pretending to be a hipster(making sure never to combine the two), I’ve really fallen into a daily groove that I’m sad to say goodbye to.

The portrait of the little frenchman that's up at Panera. I'll miss him so.

The portrait of the little frenchman that's up at Panera. I'll miss him so.

I will miss hearing Bridget answer her work line, “State Farm this is Bridget?” and then hearing her argue with people over their flooded basements. I’ll miss making an egg sandwich at around 10AM and then skipping the shower . I’ll miss all of the crap daytime television (especially The Price is Right and Hangin w Mr. Cooper). But most of all I’ll miss daydreaming that I’ll ever be unchained from a desk and freed from the 9-5 drone.

The goooood news is…more temp work means more hilarious things to write about…and more snack money.

Its not over till its ova,


Listening to: Fulms on the phone w/ her mom “Love you bobo!”

On my mind: If one door closes and another doesnt open…just crawl through the window. duh.

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  1. Mlongo permalink
    01-13-09 12:40 am

    I’m a fan of Hanging with Mr. Cooper. I used to look forward to it after Step by Step and Family Matters. That was before I knew TGIF as a restaurant.

  2. Fellow Jobless Gal permalink
    01-16-09 8:02 pm

    Aaah, the perks of unemployment! It’s not all bad after all.

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