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The gift that keeps on giving


Just when I thought the hub bub of  “Willie Malone” had officially died down, he popped back into my life in the most magical way.

Welcome, 2009

Welcome, 2009

On NYE, I lost my wallet.  It mustve fallen out of my purse when my cab pulled up at my destination. Thats a problem. A bigger one is that I didnt realize it was gone until approx 4:30 AM when at the 7-11 attempting to purchase a soda before hoppin in a cab to go home. (cue: 1st miracle of the night). This is when panic sets in and I call Clare. While on the phone, a policeman was finishing buying a coffee (yes, stereotypes ARE based in reality). He must’ve overheard my situation because as he walked out the door, he silently handed me two 5 dollar bills. I am not kidding. Apparently $10 dollars is in the policeman handbook for “damsel in distress”. The kicker was when he came back in and silently handed me his business card as well. Pretty sly move if I do say so myself.

Next I set out,wallet-less but 10 dollars richer, to return to the party I had been at. By this time my feet are killing me, I’m freezing, and I have about 4 blocks to go. (Cue 2nd miracle:)  A cabbie sees my basically tiptoing down the street and asks the inevitable “Where to?”.I said “I’m sorry sir but I have no wallet” (Note:  i didnt offer him my two 5’s ). He said “You look so cold, I’ll take you anywhere you want for free”. Now, in hindsight, that kinda sounds like a murderer’s lure line , but at the time he was my hero.

Now for the 3rd/Willie Malone miracle. Someone found my wallet, called me and returned it in its perfect condition!!!  I mean, I didn’t offer the person who found my wallet fur earmuffs, but if I had ever received them from Willie, I wouldve passed them on.

As I tucked my wallet safely back into my purse, I heard the faint sound of Willie saying “Hoooowwwaaa youuuuuu?” in the distance. And I smiled to myself. Twas beautiful.

New year, same gig,


Listening to: Sarah McLaughlin’s sad, sad abandoned animal commercial Come on, Sarah don’t do this to me.

On my mind: I really need to take my Christmas decorations down

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  1. Lauren Fulmer permalink
    01-05-09 9:10 pm

    hahah~! I can hear your dad laughing at the Willie Malone accent “Howww are youuu?”

    peace.hearts.Kelly Davis.

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