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Confessions of the Unemployed


tsq06_imastervSo. Its NYE. In a few hours we will all be butchering the lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne” and trying to avoid snogging the creepy guy in the sweater vest. But before that majestic moment when 08 disappears and we embrace the bright and shiny 2009, I need to get some things off of my chest.

This is a confession. In the form of a Top 8 list.  These are the top 8 dirtball moments/habits of my unemployment in 2008. I figure the best way to start a clean slate for the new year is by cleaning out my closet, joining a gym, coming clean via the world wide web…i mean, that’s what everyone’s doing right? I hope you can all still love me in 09….although if this economy doesn’t pick up, I cannot promise my behavior will be any different next year.

1. Having my roommate bring me home a frozen Healthy Choice meal that was up for grabs in her employee kitchen. That’s like two degrees of hand-me-down.

2. Going to Coinstar. Twice.

3. Selling last year’s …and the year before’s Christmas gifts from my former boss on Ebay. Call it ingenuity?

4. Turning Barnes and Nobles into my own personal library. And bringing my own coffee too.

5. Finding 3 dollars on the floor at Akira and taking it. I mean, wouldn’t you?

6. Never arguing when someone offers to pay the bill.  Well…if you don’t mean it, don’t offer!

7. Making my lunch out of the holiday treats at the office for 3 whole days.

8. Using my Sacajawea coin in the vending machine. Thanks, Gramps!

I’m sure tonight’s Champagne will bring to mind some more dirtball moments from the misadventures of unemployment. So…stay tuned!

Don’t judge me; embrace me.


Listening to: My roommate’s house-guest argue on the phone with Visa

On my mind: Where the heck are the Ferrero Rocher’s I got in my stocking?



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