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Positive Pessimism

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I’d like to introduce you to a fun game to play when things aren’t exactly going your way. Introducing: Positive Pessimism. The best way to respond to a crap situation while tricking people into thinking you’re being optimistic.

Here are some relevant examples:

  • Well, I may have lost my job but at least my 401K is gone!
  • It may be raining but at least its windy!
  • You may have the flu but at least you don’t have health insurance!
  • This economy is bologna but at least our state politics are going smoothly!
  • He may be ugly but at least he’s poor!

Get the hang of it? This takes people completely off guard b/c it sounds like you’re looking on the bright side. Ah the bright side, i remember the bright side. It looked a lot like a full paycheck and benefits.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my Pam: the office-assistant/plant-and-wreath-coordinator edition.

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  1. Lauren Fulmer permalink
    12-15-08 5:43 pm

    “They may be out of my favorite lip gloss…. but at LEAST I got the honey kind that smells like shizz instead.”

  2. 12-16-08 5:29 am

    You might have the start of a book with a terms like that.

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