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Tour de Temp


Ummm…there’s SO much to write about Day # 1 at Real Estate I dont even know where to begin. I should’ve been logging it as the day went on but I felt guilty doing it there…kind of like using your friend’s cell phone to talk smack on her…yes i said smack, not sh*%. I don’t curse nnnnk? (disregard the post with the song lyrics…them is 36 Mafia’s wordz, not mine)

So let me walk you through my day:

–Walked into office 3 minutes late despite my extra 15 min “El window”.  Dangit CTA.  Try to slip in unnoticed as everyone is in a meeting. Phew. Safe. Giving myself the  “you can do this”/ “first-day-at-a-new-school” pep talk as I log into the computer (with help from my cheat sheet). Error message. NO. no no no no. This is my first task I cannot be messing it up. “Your account has expired” says the beast machine. I tink around with it to no avail and finally have to call the manager. Luckily it was not at all my fault but still.  Trouble logging in? Thats busch league and we both knew it. Already at a -3 so far.

–Things get rolling and a few occurences vastly up my day’s score. Thing 1: all of the passwords to the programs are the manager’s dog’s names. Excellent. Thing 2: I remembered two ladies’ names when I ran into them in the kitch. They were so impressed that one asked me if I was gonna run the place. I said “no Im just here for a week” and she said “you might as well” Shes obv a good judge of character. Thing 3: THERE IS A MAN WORKING HERE NAMED GAYLORD. I repeat: GAYLORD. This alone would be +4 points but here is what he looks like (a little less business, a little more Gandolf):

Gaylord. Just add glasses and remove smile.

Gaylord. Just add glasses and remove smile.

Name plus appearance equals +8 points. SUCH a morning saver. I couldn’t stop smiling.

–Nothing that exciting happened while I waited for someone to come man the desk while I got lunch….and waited…and waited…and called…and emailed. Yes I didn’t take lunch until 3:30!!! Slavery I tell you!  Or hazing. Aside from that, I had about 25 handshakes, someone ask me “but where will you go?” after I told them I was just there till Wed.,  and one man call and say he was  James Bond here to see ____. I chuckled politely while he got a big kick out of it. +4 points

–The big kicker came when I glanced at the email inbox and saw that there. is. a. HOLIDAY PARTY. planned. DURING WORK HOURS. on. TUESDAY. AKA there will be punch, a GIFT EXCHANGE(!!) and small talk from 3-5pm While I’m still there!! AKA HOW am I going to avoid this??? Stay tuned because this may be the biggest hurtle that temp has ever attempted to bypass as the step-child of the office family. I’ll be like the 2nd cousin who wore jeans to the wedding.  -7 points

The amount of pure gold that comes my way temping is almost worth the humility of it all. Key word: almost. Total points come to +2. Not bad for a first day…not bad at all.

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