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Got a new gig starting tomorrow.  Things are gonna be fully awkward and I kinda can’t wait.

I thought I should make a list of things not to do on my first day:

  • Bring deviled eggs for lunch (“Is the office fridge right over here? thanks. Don’t mind the eggs)
  • Ask if i can install AIM on my temporary computer
  • Show anyone this blog
  • Set up my mini boombox and turn it to 102.1 The Lite.

Most of the above can wait at least until day two. This real estate firm wont know what hit them.

WORK ADVICE: Got another gem from a friend today. He told me I had a total “retail personality”. I have absolutely no idea how to take that. He also suggested that I should be a lawyer mom (a combo of the last 2 work suggestions I got). Or he said I could make a show about lawyer moms that real moms would tune into in the daytime. Lots of really good advice to sift through huh?

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