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Things people share

Offices are odd. And every one is different. Each place has different yet unspoken rules, expectations and preferences for everything. My job is to figure those out…in 3 days or less.

Re: Social interaction, Wierd Sci is pretty lax. Everyone sort of operates as a family unit…with Temp as no exception. Ways people have adopted me into the system:

·         Director Sci told me he’s been taking French classes. And henceforth says rando words in french to show off. Like “Oh hey there, moicheri le la boufont” Or at least thats what it sounds like.

·         Mad Sci told me his wife is down to 108 lbs. “One lb heavier than when we married”. I mustered up the best ‘Temp Appropriate’ response of “mm hmmmmm ha”.

·         Asian Twin who i found out is not really a twin, just fast, tried pulling the ol “who says you can leave!? ” when I was waiting for the elevator at 5pm. “Don’t temps have to work the graveyard shift? eh hehe”.

·         Big Timer Lady (ill come up with a better name later) told me an anecdote about her first friend online who had my name…But ended up being a man. I mean come on…what do you even say to that? “oh ha ha crazy internet”. And then she sent me this email on my SECOND DAY “You are great and we’d try to keep you happy and stimulated intellectually….”
I love temping.



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