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True Story. A lot is happening in a short amount of time. Stay with me. Was just asked to contact a dentist’s assistant. Her name is LaForest. Awesome.

Also just heard myself say “This isnt my first rodeo“.
Im not sure which is more horrifying–that i said that in the workplace or that it got a laugh.



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  1. 01-16-09 3:20 pm

    I have a lady in my office who has a unique name. Her name is…wait for it…”Milady.” Sounds like “My lady” except like they say it in period films, “Milady.”

  2. 01-16-09 10:46 pm

    Oh, I just thought of another name of someone. I didn’t remember earlier because I’ve never met her. She quit before I got here. But I have to look through old reports and accounts and her name will reappear. When her name pops up it makes me giggle every time. It’s MEETA DEEVA – pronounced “Meet a Diva!” Shame on her mother and what the heck was she thinking!?!?

  3. 01-17-09 5:11 am

    talked to a customer at work today awesome name Dahgenius that’s right his name was dahgenius and when i accidentally mispronounced it he made sure to correct me and said it’s pronounced dah genius i wanted to say ma bad playa lol

    BTW your blog is hilarious

  4. angela permalink
    03-04-09 11:55 am

    so my sister was in a lecture class on the first day of school and the teacher insisted on calling role…… He got to a woman’s name that was spelled SHITHEAD. So when he said her name he said it just as he saw it SHIT HEAD. I guess this girl stood up and said excuse me it is speeled that way but pronounced SHA THED…… Lesson learned.

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