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Get Paid to Party


…is the job posting i just saw online. Compensation: $400/month. Everything about this is awesome.

 Also had a few solid temp moments this past week:

1) There was an emergency fire drill and I pondered not evacuating just to see if anyone would notice. +1 point **Extra bonus, all of the ‘floor leaders’ wore red ’emergency team’ hats. I asked for one.

2) Just walked by the lab and saw a lab worker crying. There’s no crying in dentistry science, chic. -1 point

3) Now that Obama is elected I suppose even temps get health care!! +4 points. Oh yeah, and Coffee-Club-Russian girl is wearing a choker today. +8 points.

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  1. Nicole permalink
    01-17-09 3:11 am

    Funny stuff! If I could pay you to narrate my life, I totally would.

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