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Thoughts from a temp…


-I think the turn style at the Chicago Red Line Stop is too fast…sometimes I cant walk through it fast enough. That’s too much early morning pressure.
-Yesterday I may or may not have spent my lunch break on a bench in the sun…and fallen asleep. My life very closely mirrors that of a homeless person these days.
-SO. Since my desk is right by the kitch, I hear all the ‘gossip’. Im pretty sure that Coffee-Club-Russian-Girl is in love with Fur-Collar-Wearing-Lab Guy. Stay tuned.
-I was almost certain that a pair of adult, male Asian twins worked in the lab, but my manager says no….I guess that one guy moves

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  1. 01-18-09 3:37 am

    La Lynds. After ‘discovering’ and ‘stalk-reading’ your blog front to back uh I honestly think you might be the funniest person I know! 🙂 Keep it up lass.

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