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Promotion Palace


First Temp Gig …finally off the couch

Dets: Office of 8, smaller than my living room, coffee tastes like gasoline

Notable People: Unmarried boss: drops starburstst off at my desk without saying a word, logs all work on giant dry-erase board, has obsession with giant calendars, has Avril Lavigne on his playlist (i know this because “happy ending” came on unexpactantly during a status meeting). Promo Gal: Likes to talk about her new cell phone, triathalons, and all of the musicals she’s seeing this fall.
Sales Shmo: Found him passed out on the couch in the lounge the morning after everyone in the office went to the new casino…oh except for me. Im just a temp.

Tasks: Forced to call sweepstakes winners to offer them prizes. Had “Lashanda” hang up on me, “Tina” say “I aint never won nothin before!!!” and accidentally broke the cardinal rule of saying ‘congratulations’ to potential winners before Promo Palace has verified their identities. Tried saving face by saying “Congratulations!! …uhhmm…potentially of course“.

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